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Korbach Refugees Welcome Initiative

Language and Translation

Language Courses

There are german courses for free at the adult education center (please contact Ms Claudia Grande) and also multiple opportunities to learn German, which have to be paid for. The costs will be defrayed by the district after asylum has been granted.


If you are in need of a translator or want to offer your abilities in this area please contact Ms Ursula Müller (Phone 05631-954889).


For a companion in every day life the „Visuelles Wörterbuch“ (visuall dictionary) has been found quite helpful. It is available in different languages e.g. in arabic-german: "Arabisch-Deutsch - Visuelles Wörterbuch", Samir Salih (Übersetzer), Dorling Kindersley Verlag, € 9,95.

The Langenscheidt Publishing House is offering an online dictionary (german-arabic) for free.

Additional Information and Links

Have a look at the city authorities' new facebook website "Refugees Welcome" where you might easly exchange ideas and find help.

The staff of the city of Korbach are often the first contact persons for refugees coming here. They communicate apartments, further contacts and help.

The contact person for voluntary workers at the authorities of the Waldeck and Frankenberg district is Ms Tanja Müller (Phone 05631-954120). Currently Mr Uwe Jansen is in charge as contact person (Phone 05631-954227).

The "Diakonische Werk Waldeck Frankenberg“ offers advice for refugees in need. You find the webpage with all relevant addresses here.

There are books in different languages and also language textbooks for loan in the local library (Prof.-Kümmel-Straße 14). The staff there is always happy to help and answer questions.

Job Possibilities

The online-portal workeer.de offers the possibility for registered employers and employees to get notice of each other. The portal is especially designed to help refugees to find internships, training positions and jobs.

Leisure activities

The athletic-group in Korbach invites all interested refugees to take part in the training sessions on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. The sessions take place in the gym in Solingerstraße 54-56