Korbach Refugees Welcome Initiative

Advisors for daily live

To find furniture for the apartment, to fill out documents or to just to get along with daily life personal advisors can be of great help.

If you are interested in an advisor, contact Ms Andrea Franke (Phone 05631-53969, City of Korbach), or Anette Pries or Peter Koswig

Advisors to learn German

We have made the experience that language advisors are of great help to learn German. If you have a language advisor you meet with him/her as often as the two of you think is needed or possible. You don't have to pay for your advisor and often friendships have emerged over the process of learning the language.

If you are interested in an advisor you can contact Anette Pries.

Also the project MIT (migration, integration and participation) communicates such advisors. Contact person is Ms Osswald or Ms Hartmann-Samiec of the „Diakonie Waldeck-Frankenberg“.

Public Spaces for Language Advisors

For interested language advisors who don't have the possibilities for teaching at home municipal facilities are opening their doors. You can find spaces for teaching at the following institutions: